Dancehall-Labrish is a two-hour long late night show featuring Romieikon and Sugen ‘Vybz Gawd’ inside the FreeUp Radio’s studios. The duo are on a mission to present unforgettable interviews with personalities and Dancehall/Reggae artistes. The Dancehall-Labrish oozes of top class professionalism, morale and music knowledge all cohesively jointed together with their hearty and comical personalities.

Dancehall-Labrish has several partitions throughout their  humor and suspense filled 2 hour duration, such as Sugen’s “Vybz Session Live Mix,” Labrish of the Day, and Wha Gwan With (Special Guest Artistes). Romieikon will conduct a ‘no holds bar’ discussion with Sugen, and the show’s special guest artiste; which should prove to be an enlightening, provocative, informative and thorough conversation. As Romieikon introduces the ‘Labrish/Topic’ of the day both Sugen and the special guest will share their unique standpoint one each situation. Sugen’s Vybz Session Live Mix consists of 30-35 minutes straight multi-genre mixing and introduction of his weekly top 5 singles for the given week.