Buju Banton ‘Nuh Trust Phone’, Debuts New Style & Flow

Buju Banton has debuted a new style and flow in his latest release ‘Trust.’

Released on Thursday, November 12, Trust is produced by Banton’s Gargamel Music. The Dancehall banger sees the Grammy-winning entertainer showcasing a modern flow to capture the millennials.

“Mi nuh trust phone, mi nuh own / Mi nu like it Pictures a guh round, seh Simone/ A mi wifie Bay fuzzy picture weh suggest mi a knife it All over Instagram,” Buju spits over the beat. “A f**k wid mi psyche / Mi nuh trust man weh switch don fi a Nike Six was him general / And now him seh a Mickey Can’t trust no man weh claim dem a strikey An dem ina video a show people.”

Trust follows the release of Steppa and Country for sale.

Stream Buju Banton’s new single Trust below.

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