Goal Digga turning heads with her ‘Bubble Up’ remix

Goal Digga is definitely winning the hearts of females all over the internet one play at a time.

The Bronx, New York based Dancehall songstress is creating quite a buzz for herself with latest remix entitled, ‘Bubble Up.’

The lyrically witty but also raunchy single was a collaborative piece between herself and home label Knack Out production.

Goal Digga has amassed over 15,000 views since starting a promotional campaign with BLZ last week Sunday and doesn’t seem to be slowing down just yet.

Accepting fans raved, as they made their presence felt with words of encouragement and adoration in the comment section.

Comments such as;  “ONG BAD YAH F*CK !?????,” & “This is fire?????. The man run leff u cause a me have too much sauce❗️???” flooded the internet relating to Goal Digga

Stream the full remix below.





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