Macka Diamond comes under severe flock from Dancehall fans after voicing her opinion on ‘Equal Rights’

The ‘No Tongue’ Creator is now dealing with severe backlash after releasing her latest controversial single, advocating against men offering oral pleasures.

Macka Diamond was quoted deejaying, “Wha Them Wa Do ?! Turn Dancehall Inna Freak house?”

She then added, “Me nuh want no boy weh a suck me out, co*ky me want not your mouth !”

However, our sources close to the deejay states that the single is not a diss track towards Ishawna or anyone affiliated with her.

Fans have then sought after deejay and claimed she’s “fake” and or “badmind” because prior to this incident she released a music video in 2013 entitled “Twist Me” where she was portraying such ‘freaky’ behavior.

In “Twist Me” Macka stated that “Me swear me nah talk if you use you tongue lick it, wha happen inna we bedroom remain explicit”

Watch Music Video Below.


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