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“So Special,” by Mavado was our #1 charted single, due to the fact that this is arguably Mavado’s largest overall track, given the characteristics; highest Billboard placement, international notoriety & sales.

Our #2 Choice, ‘On The Rock’ can be considered Mavado’s follow up single for ‘So Special,’ the 2009 released single created a major buzz for the ‘Gully Gad,’ so much attention that the single was later remixed by HipHop/Rap Mogul Jay-Z.  Which to this day still provides that safe sensational feeling as if it was released yesterday.

“Give It All To Me,” feat Nicki Minaj, clenches the number 3 spot, on our Top 50 Best Tracks For Mavado of All Time. The fused-genre single has accumulated over 40M + views on Youtube for the Jamaican singer, resulting in his most watched single. Given that the singer has been creating world renowned singles before Youtube became the platform it is today, this single arguably isn’t as strong as other contenders, however numbers don’t lie.

David Constantine Brooks, born 30 November 1981 internationally known by his Dancehall Mavado, is a Jamaican deejay, singer and songwriter who hails from humble beginnings in  his urban community of Cassava Piece located in Kingston, Jamaica.

At the initial stages of David’s career, he cited the music of Bounty Killer as an early influence, whom was soon to be his musical mentor.  At the tender age of 15, Bounty took ‘Singing Blacks’ – which was his moniker while singing at community events,  under his wing to  help pave a route for David to enter and  impact the Dancehall industry. Through this musical lineage was how Mavado was then introduced to his first manager, dancehall music business mogul Julian Jones-Griffith,  whom directed Mavado’s soon to be legendary musical journey.

In the year 2004, Mavado released his first official single, “Real McKoy”,  which is to this day arguably his breakthrough single which was then followed up by  a record entitled, “Weh Dem a Do”, on the Red Bull & Guinness riddim. After delivering a plethora of hits in 2005 and 2006, Mavado and his team decided to release his debut album entitled ‘ Gangsta for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks’ on the 10th of July 2007 with VP Records.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the singjay as Mavado has unfortunately undergone a few run ins with law men. In the year of 2007, The ‘Real Mckoy’ was constantly involved in off-stage controversy. Issues such as, being unlawfully detained by Jamaican police which consequentially resulted in the singer being tossed into a glass window, slicing three fingers in the process, which were sewn up at a local hospital.  As if matters couldn’t have gotten any worse, Mavado was then arrested and charged with shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm in relation to an event occurring 27 July 2007. In a twist of great fate, he was later freed of all charges.

Mavado Says MVP Is Biggest Thing In Dancehall

Mavado achieved several accolades since his inception in 2004,  most recognizable are  a MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act (2008), cameo appearance for Drake in ‘Thank Me Later (2010), featured performing a rendition of his song “Real McKoy” for Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer #4 “Everyone’s a Rat”. “Real McKoy”, along with “Last Night” and during live gameplay  on the radio station “Massive B Radio.” Mavado is also rumored to star in the highly anticipated sequel “Shottas 2” featuring Ky-mani Marley and Spragga Benz and most recently Mavado was featured on DJ Khaled’s “Major Key” Album which is nominated for 2017 Best Rap Album.

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On a more personal note Mavado currently formed his own label, Mansion Records whilst being personally signed to We The Best Music & Cash Money Records. He’s the breadwinner to wife Monique Mckenzie and father to five children by the names of; Daisy, Danielle, Dantay, Gavyn and Vuitton.


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