Great news for Dancehall lovers as entertainer Gully Bop says he’s back to save the genre.

The “Wuk Affa Mi” deejay, real name Robert Lee Malcolm, returned to Jamaica a few weeks ago and he’s already making plans to dominate the industry sources tell The Tropixs.

“A lot of fans asking where Bop is but unu soon tired fi see him face,” sources said. “The boss ready to work again suh bagga chune soon drop and place aguh nice again.”

Gully Bop, previously known as Countryman gained popularity back in 2014 when a video surfaced online of him freestyling the lyrics to his song, “Dem no Bad Like Me”, the clip went viral relaunching his recording career.

Sadly, shortly after stardom Gully Bop’s career slowly went on a downward spiral filled with controversy.

Gully Bop’s reps say he’s once again serious about his career and will be proving his haters wrong.”Right now Dancehall nah run good bay luuu thing dem a pree suh Bop ago come and save it watch and see,” source added.

Bop is currently promoting his new single “Must Be Dreaming” produced by Gramma Zone Music.

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