Internationally known Reggae veteran Jah Cure has since issued an apology to his supporters and the music fraternity for his expletive-filled rants.

The international recording artist sent social media into a frenzy on Monday when he blasted selectors who he referred to as ‘sound boys.’

“A matter of fact, sound bwoy s**k unu muma!,” the Grammy-nominated singer said in a video uploaded to his Instagram story. “Me name Jah Cure mi rich more…. than three-quarter a unu friend dem inna the industry. P***y mi nuh need dubplate money fi live.”

Read Jah Cure’s official statement below;

I would like to apologize to my fans, friends and family. I am human and like many others, I’ve been dealing with so many various issues in this thing we call life and I let it get the best of me. I used social media and I lashed out, I generalized using the term sound boy when it wasn’t meant generally.  I understand that, as a public figure, I am held to a higher standard of conduct and I do want to set the right example for my daughter.

To the Djs and fans that have supported me over the years I apologize for the language, unwarranted accusations and the things said. I realise it was over the top and unnecessary…. I took the actions and words of a few and shifted it to many. I’m passionate and while that transfers great in my music at times it doesn’t do so well for social media. See wid the Rasta!

We all have our challenges but I have a duty, Jah said create good music and that is what I shall do.

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