Outspoken Dancehall artiste Popcaan, given name Andrae Sutherland, has always been a patriot for his parish of birth St Thomas, and is currently on a campaign to bring immediate change for himself as well as residents of the humble parish.

A few months back, in  September Popcaan was seen peacefully demonstrating in the streets of St Thomas, advocating for immediate attention and change from the Jamaican Government. His actions resulted in the entertainer having a candid meeting with mayor Dr Fenton Ferguson to discuss the terrible state of the roads motorists are forced to conduct their daily commute.

Both Popcaan and the politician have already agreed to tour several areas of concern within St Thomas and will determine how best they can work together for the benefit of the parish with the financial backing of the Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

M.P. Fenton Ferguson Joins Forces With Popcaan To Improve Deplorable Roads In St Thomas

Popcaan reported told a local media house, “Me in and out innu but me available,” he said. “Me wah meet wid anybody, the mayor, the MP, Andrew Holness, Babsy Grange, Lisa Hanna, whoever it takes to get things going. It nuh matter to me, whichever party wah make the moves me will work wid dem.”


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