Internationally acclaimed Reggae superstar Jah Cure has made his demands clear in regards to this year’s staging of the annual Reggae Sumfest, Summer Festival 2017.

The ‘Telephone Love’ creator is holding the organizers of Sumfest accountable for any discrepancies that can occur if the agreed time slot for him to perform is not honored.

The superstar took to instagram and  begun stating that ” … Making my public announcement so my fans and everyone can understand my position on this.”

He then went into detail by adding, ” Most reggae shows in Jamaica don’t like to honour the contractual time that was originally agreed. Because of most artist unprofessional isim sometimes lie about flying out or try shift their time and cause confusion.”

Jah Cure then made an abrupt conclusion by declaring that, “If my time is not honored I will definitely pull from the show!!” which he made no hesitation to directly tag the organizers to his unapologetic post.

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