Vanessa Bling and Clymaxx continues to feud online.

Last week the “Puff And Roll Up” deejay uploaded a freestyle video dissing the “Independent Ladies” singer.

Vanessa Bling then responded with a video taking shots at Clymaxx while throw a few bucks on the floor.

Now Clymaxx is hitting back calling Bling a fool saying the feud should be lyrical and not about money.

“Plus 300us cya frighten me 4 dub dat mi fren lol lol….. b***hes acting up lol…. i c u dwl….Guh pick up yu box food money yah b lol n save dat fi wen d money from ur last hit yearssssss ago dun u av can fall pon..”

“Mi love it suh mi will falla it up…. care zero lol… anuh money war a lyrical war ediot…. a which nursery yu guh mon…. NEW GENERATION MI SEH
Happy Sunday ?.,” she added.

According to sources the feud started after Clymaxx’s baby daddy Masicka refuses to help launch her career however recently teamed up Vanessa Bling on a new single titled “Don.”

Clymaxx reportedly thinks she is more lyrical and would’ve done a better job than Bling.

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